Quarantina: Thoughts of Reflection

Quarantina: Thoughts of Reflection

Being honest is not always easy. But being honest with yourself, well that can be even harder! Lately I have been reflecting on my life this past year and the decisions I have made: both good and bad. Of course, I make mistakes and I have regrets, but is there an easy way to forget about it and move on? It doesn’t feel like it right now, but I know with time it will be easier.

As we all sit at home, in hopes to flatten the curve, I have noticed this disruption to my routine has surfaced emotions I have withheld for months. Taking care of our mental health now is essential. The additional uncertainty and stress of this global outbreak has made me reflect and I have asked myself a question: do I want to go back to the normalcy I had before the pandemic or do I want to make a positive change in the right direction? Was my life even in the right direction before? This has made me take a deep look inward and be honest with myself.

I have been struggling with this time at homeā€”and that’s ok. Around the world is currently in this state too. This is an unprecedented time for us all and it’s ok to not be ok. I have found this time to not just be physically challenging, but emotionally.

I have been on a long emotional journey since the end of 2018, with significant events in my personal life to my accutane journey, I am finally sitting with it all, here in April 2020. I question some of my decisions, and even regret some of them. But, I have realized I needed to make these mistakes to grow, to become more aware, to become the person I am supposed to be.

Through our experiences we are able to learn and figure out who we are and what’s important to us. Although I may cringe at the thought of some (alright a lot) of my past experiences, I know I had to have them in order to realize what I now know.

So if you are also reflecting, cringing, and realizing, you’re not alone. We’re human. We’re given the beauty of life; yet, what is live without learning through living?