my favorite brand collaboration & why

One of the most natural collaborations I have seen online was between Summer Fridays and, which has made it one of my favorites—and yes, I had to get one! I admired both brands for a long time and was thrilled to see some of my favorite female founders team up! As a follower, it always feels good to see some of your favorite influencers together and see their friendships transcend into business partnerships. The collaboration came out just in time for the busy holiday travel season as both products were TSA-friendly minis paired with a chic white headband, which made it a must on my gift list!

I admire Summer Fridays immensely as the two founders got their start in beauty blogging, and teamed up to leverage their credibility and create a brand from the foundation of their loyal following. By partnering with Jet Akin’s Ouai, I believe Summer Fridays increased its influence. This was also the first time the Jet Lag Mask was being released in the mini size, therefore, Summer Fridays ensured sales by partnering with Ouai’s treatment mask and including the white-hairband. By offering the products in mini sizes at a $22 price point, prospective customers are more willing to try the products in mini sizes rather than buying the full-size products separately and at a higher price. If a loyal follower of Summer Fridays sees their favorite face mask paired with another brand’s hair mask, this customer is more likely to buy into the other brand and the set due to trusting Summer Fridays, and consequently will trust Ouai. 

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