why i think my content sets me apart

the busy and ever-growing influencer landscape is saturated with content ranging from inspiring or intoxicating. this is my take on the void I believe I fill in this environment.

Although there has been a rise in body positivity, there is still a lack of representation for all skin types and conditions. The core of my content provides hope to those who are currently suffering, showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that if I can get through this, so can they. I share what I learned on my skin journey: shedding light on a topic that can seem so dark. Many accounts simply share “how to get rid of acne fast” but I choose to share how the difficult experience you endure under acne can teach you valuable lessons and in the end, can make you a stronger, more positive person. I use my pictures as an opportunity to share my voice to fill this void.

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HAPPY NATIONAL ACNE POSITIVITY DAY 💫 i took this photo last year, my 25th day on accutane. i remember putting on some @itcosmetics oil free cc cream in the morning & that’s it. i used to cake my face & desperately cover my skin — but this day i decided to not stress myself out & not let my skin hold me back. rather than hiding in my room & doing my homework (which i used to do cause i was so embarrassed, i put on this cute top, some fun earrings, and worked at a coffee shop that ended up being such a special place for me to escape and the baristas would check in on me, cause i would vent about my skin to them & share why i wouldn’t drink coffee on accutane cause i was worries about the anxiety components but anyway… i wanted to share this moment with you cause THIS DAY, april 25 2019 was a turning point in my acne positivity journey. my eyes are welling up, so teary writing this right now. to get to the point of being positive about your acne takes time!! it took me MONTHS! i went through all the phases but it’s in this time you become so strong & grow through what you go through 🌿 taking accutane also gave me an extra-boost cause it was a type of reassurance that i was doing something to take care of my skin & hopefully clear my skin up, although the side effects which are emotional physical & mental really took a toll on me, i’m so grateful for this journey, all the high, the lows, the lessons… got me to where i am today & the opportunity to connect with YOU & so many of my new friends 🥰 all my love, xtina 🤎 only products on my face: • @itcosmetics oil-free cc cream ~ ended up being my go-to for daily coverage while on #accutane • @glossier lash slick mascara

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My goal is to be a force of positivity and hope for those who are struggling with their skin health. I believe that my personal experience with acne is what sets me apart from other content. Although there has been a rise in “acne influencers,” my content doesn’t just share my raw-bare-acne-filled-face, but, I explain what I have learned from this experience. I am a 21-year-old college student, still suffering from acne. As a student, I share how my acne has shaped my college experience, and even how it has disrupted what I planned would be my college experience. At my age, young teens look up to me who are just beginning their acne journey, and my experience and knowledge throughout the years set me apart from some out-of-touch doctors and skin health coaches online who forget what it’s like to be an anxious, self-shaming teen just trying to fit in. Even though the majority of my content does revolve around my acne journey, I share my life authentically and believe this has helped me create meaningful connections online with my followers. If one of my photos or a line from my caption can spark even the tiniest sliver of hope for someone, I feel so incredibly proud and honored to be that catalyst. 

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