THE FEMME REPORT: a swot analysis on glossier

A SWOT analysis is a study undertaken to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.


  • Strong brand identity, culture and vision 
  • In depth understanding of the millennial woman and social media usage trends 
  • Digital creative and unique marketing strategies amplify brand identity, increasing brand profitability and engages audience to become loyal customers. 
  • Uses customer feedback to develop products and strengthens brand culture 
  • Cruelty free 
  • Product portfolio in the affordable tier of the luxury market reaches a larger segmentation


  • Only two permanent brick and mortar stores in New York and Los Angeles, but occasionally have pop-ups shops. 
  • Website lacks a mix of media content that would elevate the online shopping experience 
  • Lack of video testimonials 
  • Has been accused of lack of diversity


  • Business model is disruptive to beauty industry standards, elevating the brand amongst competitors. 
  • Strong product portfolio that ranges from skin care, makeup and body care and can continue to expand. 
  • Provide online promotions of bundling products for a better price. 
  • Join forces with larger beauty companies to improve upon brand vision, marketing assets and product extensions. 
  • Loyalty programs: can help retain customer, encourage repeat visits and increase purchase amounts. 
  • Promotional deals in New York and Los Angeles stores around the holidays and to attract customers. 


  • Beauty companies that offer products both in brick and mortar stores, specialty stores and via e-commerce. 
  • Not accessible to customers globally who want “easy to use” skincare and makeup products that don’t mask your face. 
  • Customer experience is mostly experiences online: instagram, twitter, Into the Gloss or 
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key issues and my reflection:

As the company continues to grow, Glossier will have a challenge maintaining its role as an industry disruptor. As a small brand based in the United States, Glossier will face issues as they expand globally. Glossier will have to conform to government regulations per country. 

Since Glossier is an e-commerce based company, the repeal of net neutrality would permit the federal government to manage content and data. This will result in Internet Service Providers to favor certain companies by enabling users to quickly connect to their websites, while slowing the connection to competitor’s sites. Therefore, Glossier will be at a disadvantage, unless it pay what they can to Internet Service Providers in exchange for guaranteed connection to their customers. 

Glossier needs to develop more products targeting different types of customer to enrich its product portfolio if the company wants to gain more credibility and remain a disruptor in the beauty industry. 

Since Glossier promotes natural looking beauty, their makeup products are ore on the sheer side, which to some does not provide enough coverage and wears off easily. Although this is the philosophy Glossier promotes, to grow their consumer base, Glossier needs to develop more pigmented products. 

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