why i want to join the #sephorasquad

the #sephorasquad is a different kind of beauty-influencer program.

I started an Instagram account called BareFacedFemme as my personal photo album to track my skin journey. Fall of 2018 my skin took a wrong turn–uh oh! I always struggled with acne but this time was different; even though I had dealt with acne in the past this was severe. Until the Spring of 2019, I had a negative mindset and isolated myself both physically and emotionally from my friends and family due to my acne. Then one day, a light went off for me: why am I allowing my skin to hold me back, to limit me from living a full life? Then I questioned, why am I thinking like this? I realized we have been trained from a young age to aspire to a restrictive definition of beauty, which included acne as something to be ashamed of as if there was something wrong with you. This is when I decided I need to embrace my journey by turning this experience into a positive (hello BareFacedFemme!) and share this message with others apart of the #acnecommunity who are feeling the same way!

I want to join the #SephoraSquad community because I believe we are stronger together. I would be honored to join with other beauty lovers who I can relate to and support while we learn from each other. As human beings, we have an inherent need to socially connect and to feel a sense of belonging, it’s in our DNA! I have realized that when I connect with others that is what makes me feel my best, even euphoric. I would love to have the opportunity to connect on a large scale with the Sephora community and the #SephoraSquad in order to provide others a sense of belonging, support, and dependability. 

Sometimes being a person that holds influence can be isolating since not many can understand the responsibility that comes with this role. I wish to connect with others and create a supportive group where we can work together and empower one another as a member of the #SephoraSquad. Especially in contemporary society, it is important to connect with people coming from wide and varying backgrounds where we can learn from each other. As we have our own personal communities, like our family and friends, I think it is important to have a digital community as well, as much of our social interactions take place online. Although an online community may not have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, we are lucky to be able to encourage and interact with one another at any time, from anywhere in the world. I want to be apart of the #SephoraSquad community where we can all learn how to navigate the influencer landscape together while we can turn to each other for help, support, and advice. I believe being a #SephoraSquad influencer will be an invaluable experience that will allow me to learn and grow in ways I never thought I could, but most importantly cultivating lasting friendships and relationships with my fellow #SephoraSquad members. 

I believe both my emotional intelligence, detailed-oriented attitude, and resourcefulness will help support my fellow #SephoraSquad members, Sephora, and its customers to make them feel supported and that they have someone they can depend on. I am confident that I will bring passion to all assignments and that my fascination with Sephora’s distinctive reputation will always drive me to complete all tasks to the best of my ability. 

This opportunity will allow me to use my creativity, listening skills, and people-oriented demeanor to motivate and inspire those around me. As a futuristic thinker, I have a strong desire to peer over new horizons and imagine a detailed picture of a better tomorrow. I fundamentally believe that Sephora is progressing towards this future while remaining loyal to its mission of empowering all customers to look and feel their best, regardless of skin color, gender, or race. I would be honored to be apart of Sephora’s tomorrow while spreading positivity and normalizing skin conditions. 

As a Rouge-level customer, not only do I regularly look to Sephora to discover new brands and products, I applied my long-standing admiration of Sephora in my college Research and Strategy class where my peers and I were tasked with analyzing a company of our choices’ brand. This project gave me the opportunity to integrate my passion for beauty as I analyzed my go-to beauty brand’s target audience, competition, key issues strengths, conducted primary and secondary research and an ethnographic study from an etic perspective. I also created and disseminated a survey and analyzed the results, as well as developed a creative brief. I learned how Sephora became an authority in the beauty industry, a pioneer in retail, and importantly, that being a consumer-focused brand is the first step in creating significant, lasting relationships with your target market, which I have applied to my platform, BareFacedFemme. 

I have admired Sephora’s brands and products since my affinity for beauty began well over a decade ago. I believe I have the intellectual and personal tools to assist Sephora at its forefront. I would be honored to help assist customers, like me, find solutions and be supported by the #SephoraSquad to spread the importance of skin positivity for all. It would be a dream to have the opportunity to work for and learn from Sephora.

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