hustle & getting a blog started

my unexpected start & another look at how barefacedfemme began.

I started my platform, @barefacedfemme, simply as a place to document my skin journey. I wanted to use Instagram as my personal photo album to keep track of my acne progress. Once I started Accutane, @barefacedfemme became my personal diary where I recorded my side effects, progress, emotions, and even posed questions to ask others if they were dealing with what I was going through. Sharing my journey online was like therapy for me. Having a place to vent out what I was going through and having support from others going through the same thing was so encouraging. If it wasn’t for the positivity I felt from others online, I don’t know where I would be today. Thus, I knew I wanted to continue this chain of love and support in the best way I can. 

It was not easy to show my true, untouched, unedited, un-filtered skin; yet, I realized that my raw vulnerability soon became a source of strength for others who were going through their own acne journeys along with me. 

It was never my intention to become an “influencer.” I merely just shared what products I was using throughout my skin journey and gave my honest opinion. Once I realized my photos were soon being liked, shared, and commented on by many, I took my role as an “acne influencer” seriously. Since the beginning, I was always my authentic self and today I truly believe it has gotten me to where I am today. I feel a great deal of responsibility to my followers since many are dealing with the severe acne I endured and I know how they feel. I always say, Acne is a disease, it impacts oneself emotionally, physically, and mentally. I’ve been there. Therefore, I know what it feels like to suffer and feel so embarrassed you want to hide, so I think my followers really resonate with that. Though I currently have about 6,500 followers, I consider everyone who follows me just another friend. I love creating meaningful connections online cause connecting with others truly fulfills me and I feel so fortunate to be able to connect with so many people on a daily basis while discussing my passion for beauty. 

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