how barefacedfemme began

Before there was barefacedfemme, there was The SkincareDiaries, where I shared my love of beauty and makeup. One of my favorite movies is The Princess Diaries and Princess Mia’s beauty transformation with Paolo truly changed my life.

A few months after starting this passion place, my skin started to break out the worse it ever had. I was clueless, so like any normal Gen Z, I posted my natural skin online to document my progress. barefacedfemme took off while I was on Accutane, April 2019 to November 2019. barefacedfemme became therapy to me, as a way to cope with the mental, emotional, and physical side effects of my severe acne.

This merely began as nothing more than to document my acne journey; yet, I soon realized that we came together to create a community and I am so grateful and thankful for you.

The primary focus of my platform is to promote self-love and self-acceptance with the fusion of beauty and wellness. As skin-positivity will always remain the core of what I do, I love to share my beauty tips and tricks online and hopefully shed some positivity.

I firmly believe that there are infinite forms of beauty. Beauty is what makes us unique. Instagram has long been synonymous with a singular notion of beauty, and I hope barefacedfemme reminds you to embrace what makes you, you.

Like many of us, I, myself struggle with actually taking my own advice. Barefacedfemme, to me, is a place for me to authentically share my voice and create a positive platform for everyone.

I hope this platform empowers you to feel strong and beautiful as you pave your way to success.

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