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Quarantina: Letting Go of Control

Although it’s easy to believe that more control in life will bring you happiness, its not really the case. I think attempting to have control will end up bringing you more unhappiness and disappointment. If only control was more simple. Control comes in a variety of ways, one of which is pessimistic attitude and beliefs. […]

Quarantina: Thoughts of Reflection

Being honest is not always easy. But being honest with yourself, well that can be even harder! Lately I have been reflecting on my life this past year and the decisions I have made: both good and bad. Of course, I make mistakes and I have regrets, but is there an easy way to forget […]

What Beauty Means to Me

My passion for beauty sparked at a young age. I grew up going to the Korean-Styled-Spa, the “Jjimjilbang,” with my mom. At the sauna, I would see ladies taking such thorough care of their skin: soaking in water infused with herbs, sweating in hot saunas, enduring two-hour body scrubs followed by moisturizing with whole milk […]

My Acne Story

Insight into my skin story and how I managed the mental, emotional, and physical side effects while not letting it deteriorate my self-worth. From my first pimple to when I began Accutane. I remember my first breakout. I was in the fifth grade and a boy came up to me and said “what’s on your […]